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The majority of our training courses are facilitated and provided by external professional tutors who are experts in their individual topics.

Whether in the Academy or on occasions in local offices, these courses are designed to promote interaction. The days of formal lectures are long gone – instead workshops, role play scenarios and the like ensure engagement and enjoyable participation.

As an example, our courses on delivering presentations utilise before and after video recording to identify initial shortcomings and post-coaching improvement.

All of our formal training, however, is underpinned by hands-on experience for staff at the workplace with careful mentoring from colleagues and the managers.



Some specialised training takes place at external training venues. Indeed, we envisage some intensive high level management training taking place in segments at, for example, top Business Schools.

GL2 Albania are now pioneering a series of E-learning programmes to utilise technology to reduce impact on core day-to-day activities.  This will also enable training to be deleivered to overseas offices.

Personal development plans
Each of our employees is issued with an individual personal development plan (PDP). The plans are closely linked to our appraisal system and also Gleeds’ core values.

These documents allow staff and managers to plan their own annual training programmes, reflecting their personal development profiles and professional requirements. The PDPs also facilitate forward planning for growth and development into areas that could.


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