Thekna Chrome Mine in Bulqiza PDF Print E-mail

Thekna Chrome Mine in Bulqiza

Client: RA-Krom sh.p.k and Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Cost: Confidential

Services: Preparation of Fesibility Study; Lender’s Representative

Location: Theken,Bulqize,ALBANIA

Type : Chrome Mining

GL2 Albanian Services PDF Print E-mail

1- Construction Works Supervision and Co-laudation.

1.1 Quality and Quantity Control & Certification.


2- Project management

2.1.1 Construction Management

2.1.2 Quality Assurance

2.1.3 Tender preparation & Assessment

2.1.4 Value Engineering exercise

2.1.5 Project Programme develop and update

2.1.6 Cost management

2.1.7 Cash-Flow forecasting

2.1.8 Cost Control


3- Design Management

3.1 Architectural

3.2 Structural

3.3 M&E

4- Immovable Properties Appraisal

4.1 Estate Inspection

4.2 Evaluation Report

5- Technical Due-Diligence

5.1 Physical Survey

5.2 Structural, Engineering & Technological Review Report.

6- Feasibility Studies

6.1 Market researches

6.2 Risk Assessment

7- Building Maintenance Management

7.1 Maintenance Programme Develop in compliance with all the applied Legislation and technical specifications.

7.2 Periodic Quality Control.

8-Lander’s representative

8.1 Cash-Flow Control

8.2 Progress-Report


Project Management PDF Print E-mail

GL2 Albania provides a total project management service for building, civil engineering, environmental engineering, process engineering and other construction projects.

We have an extensive track record in a wide variety of schemes, including:
•  Restoration of listed buildings
•  Developing major manufacturing and distribution centres
•  Building and redeveloping hotels
•  Offices and major city centre developments.

Service focus
Our service focuses on providing tailored management support. We act as an expert advisor, working with clients to explore their options, define their project needs and manage project delivery.

This approach is supported by an understanding of our clients’ businesses, how their property requirements influence their key objectives and the issues driving the sector in which they operate.

Principal factors
We adopt a flexible approach that blends skills and resources, and believe five principal factors influence successful project management:

•  Time - project processes and economics are inextricably time-related;
•  Quality - achieving defined quality goals is a measure of project success;
•  Flexibility - adapting to changing circumstances and keeping projects on track whatever happens;
•  Cost – effective financial planning means project success and client satisfaction;
•  Risk - identify, quantify and manage risk, avoiding where possible.


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